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AMD hackintosh kernel for Mavericks is here!

We’ve been waiting patiently, ever since the first AMD kernel for Lion, for a stable AMD kernel without the notorious graphics bug. For those who don’t know about the graphics bug, it first appeared in Lion when the AMD kernels were created. The bug only affected AMD users, and both NVIDIA and ATI cards fell victim to it, leading to broken hardware acceleration. This bug carried over to Mountain Lion and it’s AMD kernels. Now, a bit after the first AMD kernels for Mavericks were created, the talented guys over at InsanelyMac has shocked the world! Developers/Coders Sinetek, AnV, Bronya, and others have figured out the source of the graphics bug and squashed it, leading to the first, nearly perfect AMD kernels since Snow Leopard. I can personally confirm that Bronya’s RC7 kernel works like a dream for my AMD FX-8320 and my NVIDIA/MSI Geforce GTX 660 OC graphics card. Phenom IIs and Athlons should be supported also, so don’t think you’ll be left in the rain. Bronya’s RC7 kernel can be found here , and be sure to register to say thanks to the guys. This has been a great day for AMD hackintosh users everywhere, because now we can go head-to-head with our Intel hackintosh counterparts!


Thread: Mavericks kernel testing on AMD – InsanelyMac Forums


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